A collaboration between Textile Designer Aline Brun and Collage Artist Andrea Portmann 


Les Amis the la Danse is a transdisciplinary project in which a moving object is intermingled with absurde poetry.

The handmade screenprint Mobile is inspired by the aesthetics of Dada, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Alexander Calder and Bruno Munari.


Five playful paper figures are dancing cheerfully with the air. Their shapes and colors respond to their different characters. Alongside the mobile comes a booklet full of poetic scenes in which the figures talk with each other. 


For further project information see description below (in German) or contact us.  

Price: 94.-, Booklet & Mobilé in screenprinted, handmade box, Edition: 100. 


Zweimal aufgeführt in Form szenischer Lesungen im arlecchino Luzern (Herbst 2016) und im Neubad Luzern (Sommer 2017). 

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Les Amis de la Danse
Charakterbeschreibung und Hintergrundinformationen zum Projekt
Les Amis de la Danse Broschüre.pdf
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